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1) How many percentage of energy can you save in these LED lights?

You can save up to 80% of power with LED lights. The energy saved will be reflected in your electricity bill.

2) Does the broad transformer works with LED downlight?

Our lights are compatible with 90% of existing transformer. If LED lights do not work with your transformer, it will start to flicker.

3) Can I replace existing Halogen lights with LED lights?

Yes, you can replace the existing halogen lights with LED lights. We have LED downlights equivalent to halogen lights which can produce same light with less heat dissipation and most importantly using less power.

4) What is the equivalency of LED lights with Halogen lights?

LED lights uses only one forth power of halogen lights. For example, 10Watts will be equivalent to 50Watts of halogen lights.

5) How much is the life span for LED lights?

LED lights have a long life span of 40,000 hours. It can last up to 11 years, if it runs 8 hours a day.

6) Do LED lights emit lot of heat?

A LED light does not emit lot of heat. Working temperature for a typical LED light will be 60 degree Celsius.

7) How many years warranties do you provide for LED Lights?

We provide two years product only warranty for all our products.