In this Express Warranty:

  • "Back to Base" means you deliver your Product to LED Light Melbourne and LED Light Melbourne will send the repaired or replacement to you.
  • "LLM" means LED Light Melbourne, an online shopping website owned by Secuview Pty Ltd ABN 86 142 735 975.
  • "Product" means a Product sold new by LED Light Melbourne directly.
  • "Purchase Date" means the date of the purchase of a Product from LED Light Melbourne and is printed on the tax invoice.
  • "You" means the registered customer that makes the purchase on LED Light Melbourne and "your" has a corresponding meaning.


    Express Warranty Terms:

    LED Light Melbourne offers a Back to Base Warranty on your Product subject to the following conditions.

    • LED Light Melbourne warrants that all Product sold by LED Light Melbourne will be free from defect in materials or workmanship for eighteen (18) months after your Purchase Date except the following:
    Product sold as clearance (different warranty period apply)
      Product with different warranty period specified on the product page.
      • At its discretion, LED Light Melbourne will either repair or replace your Product depends on the reparability.
      • LED Light Melbourne will not be liable for any consequential loss or damage claimed to arise from your use of the Product.
      • Any modification of the product (including but not limited to the partially installed the light kit, cut off any component from the light body) will void this warranty term. Returned faulty products found being modified will be sent back and customer will be responsible for the postage cost.
      • Warranty period for clearance product is twelve (12) months after the purchase date. LED Light Melbourne will repair the faulty but no replacement unit will be issued against faulty product sold as clearance.


      Express Warranty Claim Procedure

      If you wish to make a claim under this Express Warranty, you must do the following:

      1. Call LED Light Melbourne on 03 9555 5026 or email to notify us of your claim;
      2. Provide a copy of your purchase invoice with purchase date, or other reasonably acceptable evidence of your purchase date if required.
      3. Return the Product, as far as possible in its original packaging, to our warehouse located at 6/20-26 Sullivan Street, Moorabbin, VIC 3189;
      4. LED Light Melbourne will notify you via email once we receive the returned product and advise if the returned product will be repaired or replaced;
      5. The repair period is normally 1 to 3 business days. If LED Light Melbourne is unable to repair the returned product within 3 business days, the replacement will be sent; and
      6. You will be responsible for the cost of posting the products back to LED Light Melbourne, while LED Light Melbourne will be responsible for the cost of sending the repaired product or replacement.


      Express Warranty Exclusions

      This Express Warranty will not apply if any of the following events occurs in relation to your Product during the applicable warranty period stated above:

      1. A Product is modified without approval of LLM;
      2. A Product is serviced or repaired by anyone other than a Service Agent;
      3. A Product is used contrary to the operating environment guidelines recommended;
      4. A component part of a product, reaches the end of its service life; or
      5. Faulty is caused by deliberate or accidental damage;
      6. Faulty is caused by the use of incorrect voltage or a power surge; or
      7. The product is not properly installed by a licensed electrician.